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At Venox Group Ltd, we pledge flexibility, reliability, and dedication to serving your requests.

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We can offer you flexible support, modifying our service to fit your unique needs. We make easy the procurement process using our exhaustive knowledge of global supply and logistics.

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By merging our resources of strong supplier relationships and up‐to‐date industry knowledge we are able to offer you a continuously reliable service right where you need it.

Preventive Maintenance, Counting the Cost: A case study of our two types of clients; those who follow recommended maintenance practices and those who don't.

Diesel generators require less maintenance due to their durability, reliability, and sturdiness, and also they are considered cheaper to operate due to the low fuels costs as compared to the other types of fuels such as gasoline and propane.…they can take...
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Transitioning from IAT to OAT coolant.

It’s important maintenance teams recognize the coolant’s total cost of ownership. OAT ELC coolants may have a higher initial price compared to older IAT coolants, but they will prevent increased maintenance costs during their service life....choosing to u...
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Reasons to buy genuine parts for your machinery

It is important to make sure that you buy genuine parts for your machinery. Machinery spare parts can be quite expensive, and you might be tempted to buy substandard parts. The truth is that substandard spare parts will end up costing you more in the long...
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How does online ‘HOT’ washing compare with offline ‘COLD’ washing?

Why do I need to wash?The compressor of a gas turbine ingests a large amount of air. This air (even when filtered), contains contaminants which are deposited on the compressor blades and stators.These deposits build up, eventually leading to a reduction i...
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Coolant VS Water – The Pros and Cons

Most people assume that using pure distilled water in their radiator when their car is overheating will solve the problem. With the cost of fuel and the escalating costs of living, the radiator coolant price can just add to all your other car expenses.It’...
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High performance filtration is the best preventive maintenance there is for hard-working equipment in the mining industry.

Downtime means lost revenue. To keep your equipment in service you need filters that deliver superior performance – and a reliable supplier that offers complete coverage for your entire fleet.Depend on Donaldson when every operating hour counts.Innovative...
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